CONPHO Magazine

conpho magazine

Showcasing exiting photography

CONPHO Magazine is a contemporary photography magazine published by a group of photographers, media artists, artconsultants, curators and gallerists.

The projects started as a Tumblr and quickly became a platform showcasing the work of exiting photographers with a focus on conceptual photography.

The CONPHO Magazine seeks out work from the world's most exciting photographers, showing both emerging and established talent alongside one another.

Each issue combines selected themes (like cars, street photography, science, environment) with top photographs of curated artists.
CONPHO showcases a wide range of photographers and photographs. It is ideal for both photography amateurs as well as those who have taken up photography as their primary profession.

The mission of this magazine is to improve the quality of photographers and it organizes various competitions where beginners and professionals can participate.

The magazine appears irregularly and is only available in selected galleries and bookstores.