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cameron jinks
cameron jinks
cameron jinks

Work in Progress

In his series "work in progress" Cameron James makes fun of the typical mens world. He has managed to place every possible preconception and cruel platutitude in the "scene". The title of the series alone is symptomaic for this matter. Spanning from looking into the mirror, watching porn, cleaning, the secrets of a microwave, handcrafting, altercation,to watching soccer or the late-night dialogue with the whisky bottle.

Inspired by the commonplace reality tv Cameron Jinks moves in the tradition of the tableau, starring personally as a model constantly changing his look over the years and piecing the photographs together to scenes.

Which first seems as a documentary of stereotypes turns out to be as a critical view on our voyeuristic, remote controlled society. In his pictures Cameron Jinks rather looks at our social behaviour and personal identity than the displayed stereotypes of mens friendships. "Reality TV", widely accepted and highly suggestive, seemingly promotes the impression that one can change one's life simply by copying a trendy personality type, which inevitably leads to the creation of a superfluous identity, and thus to the loss of individuality.

Curated / Text:
Dr. Stefanie Lucci

Cameron Jinks lives and works in UK.

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(Images: Cameron James)